[EF#4 Challenge] Grab A Tool From Doraemon’s Magic Pocket!

My memory of watching Doraemon for the first time is quite blurry. I just remember that I was in Elementary School and the cartoon was broadcasted on Sunday by SCTV, the first commercial TV station which practically brought fresh air to a little kid who despised Aneka Ria Safari or Dari Desa Ke Desa.

I must say that I am not much of a fan of Doraemon because most of the times the series made me sad. How could I not? Nobita was quite pathetic of a character. He was constantly in trouble–being bullied by Giant or insulted by Suneo–and so lazy he kept on hiding horrible exam grades from his mother. However sophisticated the gadgets Doraemon provided in order to help him, he always managed to ruin everything eventually. As a little kid, I failed to see the funny side of the stories and instead ended up feeling pessimistic and depressed. Okay, I may exaggerate a little, but I am sure you get the point.

image taken from http://orendsrange.com
image taken from http://orendsrange.com

However, it didn’t make me stop from watching Doraemon.

I find it difficult when it comes to decide what gadget that I want from Doraemon’s magic pocket because I don’t remember much of them. It will also be too easy for me to pick Time Machine (whoops, the admin already forbid to choose it), Bamboo Copter or Anywhere Door because they are frequently used during the series hence somewhat lose their uniqueness. Therefore for this week’s challenge I will pick the one that is still fresh in my mind up until now: Memory Bread.

In an episode of Nobita whining about being unable to remember the exam materials, Doraemon gave him the sliced breads to enhance his memory. What he needed to do was put the bread on the books page and apply some pressure until the texts were printed on the bread, then finally eat the bread. How about that? Easy as a bread pie. As somebody who occasionally needs help to remember which day is today, this kind of bread would really help me so much during exams.

Anyways, this week’s challenge made me do some browsing about Doraemon and I came across this news about Stand By Me Doraemon movie which was released last year. From what I read the plot seems interesting, where Nobita finally find the courage to defend himself and be a better man. I may change my mind about Doraemon and Nobita after watch this movie…


This post is submitted for English Club Week#4 Challenge.



  1. why did you despise aneka ria safari and dari desa ke desa O? those two are my faves. you know, I danced along during aneka ria safari and it was such an adventurous moment during dari desa ke desa. Hahaha. 😛
    Btw, the movie wasn;t that good for me O. Hahaha.


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