Teen Age Idols

I have to admit, hanging out with my close friends is one of the best thing in the world. Time and place don’t really matter, as long as we are together and the conversation flows. In our little circle, we will talk about work and annoying colleagues, laugh at stupid inner jokes, insult one’s taste of music, and of course tell stories about oneself during childhood or teenager.

I always feel that sharing your friends about your childhood: how your mother raised you, silly things you did in the elementary school, or your first crush is interesting because it somehow thightens your relationship. Those small things yet significant because they shaped the person you are now.

Following this prompt, I will tell you a bit of who I idolized during my teenage years and also show what they look like now.

  1. Richard Dean Anderson. Or MacGyver the smart… wait, what did he do actually? All I can remember is he was always being captured and locked in a room full of stuffs where he managed to create explosives, atomic bomb or even time machine (!!!) to escape and knock out the bad guys.
  2. Keanu Reeves. Speed is definitely the movie in which he looked toughest and manliest. With buzz cut hair and not too thin body, he did brave dangerous actions to save bus passengers from a crazy ex-cop trying to get a revenge (oh no, did I just spoil the movie?).
  3. Michael Owen. Where is he now? He was England’s youngest player in 1998 FIFA World Cup and performed a sensational individual goal in a match with Argentina. And don’t forget that he is super good looking.

I guess everyone undergoes this phase in life, when certain celebrities are worshipped and admired to an unbelievable point. I collected and hung pictures and posters, watched every movie and football match. Luckily I didn’t go any further than that.

How about you?



  1. Whoaaaa MacGyver dulu acara kesukaan keluarga banget deh hahaha
    eterus Mbak, Keanu Reeves dulu gantengs banget ya pas muda, aku baru kenal dia itu pas di The Matrix, dan kemarin liat dia di film bill and Ted Bogus kayak masih ABG dan hanteng hanget, pantes dulu orang heboh amat sama Keanu Reeves x)


      1. bukan di film, Cuma di berita online situs sini, ditampilkan dua Foto yg msh langsing sama yg sdh agak gemukan mbak, buatku sih msh tetep ganteng 😀


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