What do those people say about time and procrastinating? Time is money. Lost time gone forever. You may delay, but time will not. In summary, don’t procrastinate.

But hey, temptation of procrastination is ultimately irresistible. Who will not love to stay in bed all day, watching Dave Lieberman chopping onions then switch channel and find there is Justified Season 4 marathon, a jar of ice cream and potato chips beside you–ok that’s not right, it just sounds as if you are in the middle of depression period after a nasty break-up. What I mean is, I believe you would rather watching TV all day than doing the laundry and dishes, browsing 9gag or scrolling though your twitter timeline on the weekend than dragging your self up to shower, spending your time window shopping or karaokeing with your friends and just ignore the fact that you need to empty your fridge of stale food because you think you can do it later. And oh–this is interesting–do you remember those urges to do house chores which suddenly turn interesting when you know you should start researching for your essay paper due next week.

Why do we procrastinate? For me, because there were still enough clean shirts I could wear for the next two days, because I thought I am not ready and in the mood, because I thought there won’t be any adverse effect if I don’t do it immediately, because I thought I still have plenty of time to do it later, because I thought I don’t need too much time to finish some tasks thus I could do it in the last minutes of the deadline.

That’s the key word: I thought, I assume.

But most of the time, I was wrong. There were those times when I actually needed much more time than what I have estimated and ended up with only passable result–apparently I overestimated myself on this; or something urgent came up and I eventually kissed good-bye the time I thought I have. Most of the time, I regret my decision to procrastinate and desperately wish I could turn back time and blame myself why I didn’t start earlier.

My mother used to say this: don’t postpone what you can finish today because tomorrow there will be another thing to do and another task to finish. It is true. Is is strongly advisable that you immediately start what you need to–and can–do. Like now. Don’t procrastinate, you might save your life.



  1. Your Mom is right.
    Do take your time–as much as it is available (because it won’t be coming back–and we’re going to lose them forever).
    But don’t waste your precious moments (because we won’t be seeing them again either–ever). 🙂


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