Be Coffee

Suddenly I remember the period of job hunting after I graduated from college. Almost every day I visited the student access centre slash career centre to look for job vacancies, bought Jawa Pos every weekend because most vacancies are published on Saturday and Sunday, and also attacked job fair when available.

I learned many things, such as understanding your strengths and weaknesses–turn them into your means to sell your self in selection process and interviews. We learn by doing it, for there are trials and errors. I still remember a radio talkshow I listened to that time, it was about what the graduates should consider before entering professional world: transition from college to work environment.

Almost all work environment are a hundred and eighty degrees different from college. We are expected to interact with different personalities, we will need other people’s help to finish the tasks, there are hierarchy and responsibilities, targets and performance, and so on and so forth.

One thing I remember most from the talkshow was the analogy used by the speaker, that work environment is similar to hot water. Almost everything put into hot water will change its form, and that’s exactly happens to us. We change once we step into work environment, whether we realize it or not. But the question is what kind of change that we experience? Are we like those leafy vegetables that turn soft by the time they touch hot water–are we become weaker person? Are we similar to eggs that turn hard when boiled–are we change into hard and bitter person? Or perhaps we are just sugar that dissolves and gone–easily follow the current and lost ourselves?

The speaker said, be coffee. You don’t change your form, but you release fragrant aroma.  Bring positive attitude and influence, spirit, and fresh air for everybody around you.

Do you agree?



  1. Even by being sugar, though you can’t be seen, you put sweetness in the water. Hahahaha. Wondering what am I turning/changing into? hopefully not hardened and bitter version of me.


  2. setujuuh Mbak Okti, terus kadang orang mikir kalau masuk dunia kerja mengerikan karena keras, tapi justru sebenernya bisa jadi buat tempat belajar dan menempa diri ya, karena hidup pun lebih keras.. *ihik* *kayak yang betul* x))


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