Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

It would be hard to answer if somebody asks what my favorite color is for it keeps on changing. I like red, sometimes yellow, but lately I wear purple more. Colors never fail to fascinate me, there’s nothing more satisfactory than capturing bright colors with my camera: flowers, sky, grass, whatever. For the week’s challenge I was tempted to post pictures of flowers but then I found it hard to choose from my way too much photos of flower. Instead, I give you these… πŸ™‚

IMG_1240 IMG_5228 IMG_5241 IMG_8604 IMG_0422



      1. semua buah kalu dicampur enak kog.. makanya adikadiku suka bilang, daku kalu nyampur buah kog ngacoh, rujak di jus gitu.. padahal enak pun..


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