Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

When studying computer and database, we were taught about tables and records. Considering numerous records the tables contain, every record needs to be identified by unique value to make it distinguishable from another. In life and society we can also see how people are trying to be unique and different.

Anyways, I am not going to tell stuffs or post pictures about database, life, or society here for the week’s theme. Instead I put pictures of Angklung and Ondel-Ondel, which I regard as identifiers–unique symbols–representing Sundanese and Betawi culture, respectively.

IMG_3023 IMG_3360



  1. Tiap kali mendengar bunyi angklung pikiranku pasti dibawa ke sawah dan ada bukit2 hijau diselekililingnya Mbak. Sementara ondel-ondel membawaku ke gang-gang kecil pemukiman sempait di Jakarta..Heheeh..bunyi memantek kita dalam kenangan ya


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