Music, Can’t Live Without It

I still remember the first time my father bought me a mini keyboard–no, not computer keyboard–when I was five or six years old. The keyboard was red-colored, battery-powered, had only two octaves and a little microphone attached to it. Nobody in my family knew about music notes and I didn’t know how to play any song. All I did was pressing the leftmost and rightmost keys alternately to imitate the sirene at railroad crossing when a train approaches. What my father did then was label the keys with number from 1 to 14, find out the note of the songs he knew and jot the numbers down on a paper so I could play a song or two based on it instead of creating strange noises.

2012-07-14 12.32.13

I asked for the second (more serious) keyboard and guitar when I was in junior high school but until now I can only play simple chords. I didn’t have the opportunity to take music class when I was a kid, but I am not sorry. I don’t think I had enough discipline to learn anyway. I joined student choir in college, and again at work, but I stopped attending the practice session after a while. Talking about lack of motivation.

I grew up listening to (what considered now as) oldies songs. Yes, songs like Unchained Melody, Save The Last Dance, or He’ll Have To Go are my everyday playlist. I learned about current music at school. I kept a book (and one more when the pages run out) to write down song’s lyrics copied from the album—borrowed from friends—which now sounds ridiculous considering abundant resources easily grabbed from the internet. I remember the first song lyrics was Mayumi Itsuwa’s Kokoro No Tomo, followed by Tiffany’s If Love is Blind, and Air Supply’s Good Bye. Songs are my aids to learn new vocabularies as well.

Anyways, even though I am not a musician or a singer—and I have no intention to be one whatsoever—for me music is almost as essential as the air that I breathe. Started from the moment I wake up until I go back to sleep, it is always around. It wakes me up, accompanies me in office, and makes every roadtrip more enjoyable. There will be something missing if I don’t hear music for a while, and I’ll definitely go crazy if I don’t sing for days.

What about you?

PS: this post is based on this dailypost prompt.



  1. wah tumbuh bersama muisk ya. saya palingan main software piano di komputer. 😆 music is like a river, it draws you over any kind of mood streams.


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