Sunshine Award

I mostly thank Mr. Pleisbilongtumi who has nominated me on this Sunshinesunshine-award

There are some rules that come with the award.

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog (done)
  • Thank the person who gave this award (done)
  • Answer the questions below (okay)
  • Pass on the award to 10 fabulous bloggers (okay)
  • Let them know you awarded them (got it!)

My question answers are:

  1. Favorite Color : Rainbow #cheat
  2. Favorite Animal : Sheep (look at that cute innocent face!)
  3. Favorite Number : 7
  4. Favorite Drink : Teh Tarik
  5. Facebook or Twitter : Twitter
  6. Your Passion : Do I have to mention one only? Okay, maybe photography.
  7. Giving or Getting Presents : Giving
  8. Favorite Physical Activity: Does karaoke count? 😀
  9. Favorite Day of the Week : Friday
  10. Favorite Flower : Chrysanthemum

The nominations for the Sunshine Award are for these amazing people… #drumrolls

  1. Larasati – Menuju Langit
  2. Blognya Lambangsarib
  3. danikurniawan
  4. Dunia Ely
  5. The man behind Petrichor Majesty
  6. Pawuhan
  7. pelancong nekad
  8. blog Sri Izawati
  9. Selaksa Kata
  10. Sang Dewi

Congratulations 🙂



      1. Actually, I never got any award for these blogging years, and it feels awesome right now. 😀

        Thanks you for the most.


  1. wah .. makasih ya mbak awardnya, biasanya kalau aku dapat nggak kuteruskan mbak, bingung milih soalnya, sekali lagi makasih banyak ya


  2. wuiihh Blog saya juga termasuk hehe.. jadi tersanjung dengan nominasinya hehe.. makasih banget ya Okti 🙂
    tak ambil deh awardnya 😀


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