An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

What can I say? I cannot turn down any karaoke invitation. Especially now that I have found my karaoke soul mates.

I really love singing, but I’ve never realized how much until recently. After all this time being a bathroom singer then found out that you don’t sound too bad singing with microphone, karaoke suddenly became addictive.

We (my colleagues and I) do karaoke at least twice a month, sometimes we get crazy and do this twice a week. Almost anything could lead us karaokeing–hard day, stress, birthday celebration, midyear bonus–you name it and we’re going. Then suddenly it turned into some kind of tradition. We don’t just sing, but we also talk, make fun of each other, and laugh–and those are the special parts of our karaoke session.

“So folks, are we going to Inul Vizta tonight or what?”

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PS: This post is inspired by dailyprompt of dailypost.



  1. mencerna dulu bahasanya…. he he…
    karaoke…. belum ter-adiksi, coz dulu pas pertama karaokean bareng temen-temen dari India alhasil lagunya yang tidak dipahami sama sekali… hehe


      1. Lain kali jangan mau kalah Mas. Keluarkan jurus2 mautnya, bikin mereka mabok dengan dangdut atau keroncong πŸ˜€


  2. I am not that confident to sing. :)) also karaokeing with my fellas.
    but it’s been fun to find out that a lot of things can be happened there, when we are karaokeing :)))


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