Are You A Big Fan of Change?

I’m not.

Today in my office, there was workplace rearrangement. Formerly we are stationed in 8th floor of the building and now we have to move to 7th floor. I am not really sure what’s the reason behind this but I can say moving is not an easy thing to do. After staying in 8th floor for almost 3 years now, I started to nest–putting stuffs to my table and chair merely to add some comfort. I even keep some books and shoes in office because there’s not enough space in my kost. I started to bond with some people because we work nearby and we often do things together. Now that we are apart, it doesn’t feel good at all. Why can’t we just leave everything as it is? I love my wide desk, the distance to take to copier machine and water dispenser/microwave is perfect, and I don’t mind the heat caused by broken air conditioner.

Okay I admit, this is just me being difficult. I understand that there are good things from this rearrangement. We are forced to collect our stuffs thus we can sort things out, tidy up, and put many no-longer-used-things away. There will be more space to breathe.

Many changes happened this year. Three friends of mine were transferred to different cities, one more is taking a long break from work. Having been together for about three years made it wasn’t easy to take. Then two of my best friends got married. Sometimes it feels as if your limbs are taken one by one from your body, a hurricane destroy the house you’ve just finished building, more holes and empty spaces left in your heart.

I know that everything changes, everybody changes, and the only thing unchanged is the change itself. Change is part of life, we have to keep up with it or we will not survive.
I am aware that there will be much more change I have to face in the future and there’s no way out but coping with them.



  1. semua di dunia ini tidak pasti, satu-satunya yang pasti adalah ketidakpastian itu sendiri.
    just enjoy your time ^_^, you will miss it, someday 🙂


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