I’ll Be In Love With You

That title above is taken from the lyrics of Dan Fogelberg’s song: Longer.

This post is inspired by dailyprompt writing from Daily Post. We are asked to pick a song, take a line and turn it into post title. A simple idea yet I could say that it is not easy for me to pick a favourite song, but the song that first came into my mind is this.

What I love most about this song is that it tells us the promise of the future in a relationship, not to mention its poetic lyrics. Below is my favourite part:

Through the years, as the fire starts to mellow / Burning lines in the book of our lives / Though the binding’s cracked and the pages start to yellow / I’ll be in love with you.

For those who find difficulties in finding a wedding song, I really recommend you guys to try this one, for it makes us realize that in a relationship there will be ups and downs, that there will come the time when we get wrinkly and old, and the thing we value most are memories and each other.



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