Last Chance

Come on, join us.
You know I can’t. I’m getting married in less than a month. You know there are million things to be taken care of.
Pretty please with cherry on top
Don’t do that
Do what?
The begging look. You know I can’t resist that.
I know. Does it work?
Come on. Only 5 days. You can even take her if you want.
She doesn’t like traveling.
Well, then do it for me. For the sake of our friendship. It wont be the same after you get married, you know. Consider it your bachelor party.
So there will be stripper, huh?
Don’t forget the belly dancers.
I must not miss that, right?
You know what? I wont promise anything, but I’ll think about it.

And she smiled, there’s no doubt that he will go too. And she promised herself that she won’t screw up, wasting this opportunity—the very last—to tell him that she love him.



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