X: I won’t eat that.
Y: Are you sure? It’s very delicious.
X: But disgusting-looking.
Y: You’re missing one of the world most sensational food.
X: Gross. You even eat with your hand.
Y: Hey, it’s the natural equipment given to us.
X: I’d rather eat with spoon and fork, thank you.
Y: What if you eat traditional food? Most of them are eaten with hand you know?
X: I’d rather not eat them.
Y: You prefer those fast foods beautifully wrapped in paper and plastic.
X: It’s clean.
Y: But not healthy.
X: How come?
Y: They’re processed. Unnatural. Too much chemicals. And don’t forget abundant tissue and plastic used for the sake of convenience. Do you want me to go on?
X: Your favorite food is dirty.
Y: Yours ignite cancers and tumors.
X: Yours cause stomachache and those filthy diseases.
Y: Please don’t insult our immune system.



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