Development of Information technology makes almost everything easier for us. Without having to put too much effort, we can get what we need instantly.

I really love music, and singing. Back when I was still in school, I had this book where I could write down the lyrics of my favorite songs. I wasn’t always able to buy casettes or CDs of my favorite musicians/singers so I needed to borrow them from my friends, listened the songs and jotted the lyrics to my book.

Unluckily, the albums weren’t always come with the lyrics. With my “pas-pasan” ability in English, I didn’t even trust my self to listen to the songs and find out what the artists were singing about. But I had this friend named Maratush who spoke English really well and helped me find the lyrics.
Then if you 90’s generation still remember, there were these music magazines from which we could get the chords of popular songs.

It was fun. The effort we put to grab such kind of information and the interaction involved in it were fun.
And how about now? It is no longer difficult for us to find any information from the internet. What you need is abundant and within reach. There is no need to ask too much question to anybody. Just google it and you’ll get the answer. Product information, traffic update, news, transportation media, entertainment–in other words, whatever you need…

The interactions we do is getting lesser each day. I don’t think it is a good thing if we’re talking long term. We are human and to interact with another human being is one of our instincts–our needs. Without it, I guess we could go crazy or turn into emotionless zombie.

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