Go Raw

Whoopsies, again I forgot to remove my three-days old green smoothie from the office’s fridge. It has been there since last Friday and I don’t really remember what the ingredients are, I guess it involves banana, mango, and (yuck) bok choi.

One thing for sure, the smoothie won’t look very pretty. 😀

For you who don’t know what (green) smoothie is, let me explain a bit. It is blend of fruits and raw veggies. Since you mix and crush them using blender, thus you will get smooth and creamy texture.

So far I’ve made my own smoothie using several kind of veggies (carrot, spinach, bok choi, and broccoli) and fruits ranged from banana (quite often), apple, kiwi, mango, and strawberries. Disgusting look aside (varied from baby puke to household waste), the smoothies taste good. Well okay I admit sometimes it taste strange, but I guess we can blame my inability to pick ripe fruits. Haha.

Anyways, this smoothie is very good for your health. Where else can you find all the vitamins, minerals, and fibers? With so many processed food we find (and eat) nowadays, I guess we are losing all those beneficial nutritions.

Morning (about 40mins before breakfast) is the ideal time to consume it. Make yourself one and try it some time, maybe you’ll be surprised on how tasty it is.


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