Lazy Sunday

Ramadhan. Fasting. Weekend. Midday. Sunny.

Okay, above were the condition and I hope you get the picture before I start to explain why I didn’t feel like going anywhere today.

So what did I do? After finished some housekosthold chores and refused to nap because it will cause difficulty to sleep at night, I decided to do this oh-so-not-important thing: wrapping the coins!!!

I have this monkey shaped pennybank to store the coins from changes I get. Since coins take more space in your wallet and heavier too, not to mention how limited the place where I can use them—I usually leave them behind to keep in this pennybank. Well, sadly, I think the only place where the coins still considered valuable are supermarkets… Where else can you find goods with price—let’s say— Rp10.175,-?

Anyways, back to this wrapping the coins stuff. My monkeybank was almost full so I have to move the contents to bigger box (in this case, my shoe-box). To make it look neat, I wrap them up first.

Hmm… is there any chance to use this wrapped coins to pay angkot?


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