Journal (part 1)

I have this book with a label “Creative Sketch Journal” written on its front flap. I remember I bought it to do some sketches in my spare time.

Until now, not much of its pages are used, and even less pages filled with sketches. Instead, I use it to jot down meeting materials, groceries I need to buy, and songs list for the next karaoke time (haha). Maybe my favorite part are some quotes I picked here and there from internet, and yes—tumblr. Here they are

Stop taking pictures. Start creating images.

Well,  I think I could use that quote above as an aid to improve my photography (another hobby of mine) skill. Too many wasteful pictures have been captured, just because I’m afraid to lose the ‘moment’. It’s a good thing that we no longer use film to store the image, just imagine how many rolls needed if I keep on doing it? I really need to stop that and start thinking about what kind of image I’m trying to create or what kind of story I’d like to tell before I press the shutter button.

Feel your emotions. Face fears.

Too many times I keep my feeling to myself. Too many times I’m afraid to lose, to fail, to feel pain, to be disappointed, to be hurt, to be humiliated, and so forth. I didn’t know how much it had affected me, then I started to stop expecting and hoping. It doesn’t end there, because I stopped trying as well. I felt enough and content easily, I gave up before giving my best.

So, I really hope I could change that. I don’t want to be afraid to show my emotions—good or bad.

To get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

I guess the third quote above is somewhat relevant with the second one. It’s about being honest with yourself, admitting your untold deeply hidden dreams then do something to reach them—something you’ve never done before, because you’re yet to know, or because you’re simply afraid.

19 April 2011

to be continued…


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